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Our Customer Service Philosophy

Instead of raising a lot of money from investors or hiring insanely expensive PR firms, we believe in spending our resources in doing the right things for our customers. We know we will grow if our clients love us. Here are some of the most recent reviews left by our loving customers.

Great Site!

The site is great! A little marketing would help because this is by far the best notarizing site yet
Brian V.

This was FAST

You guys were really fast. Took me 10 Minutes. Thanks for your help Chirag!


Helped me out in an emergency

My father was out of the country and I needed a document notarized from him. The US Embassy did not have an appointment for another 2-weeks and I did not have that much time. Called these guys at 9 PM EST on Saturday. They came through. Thank you so much.

Keun Y.

Thank you!

I had my boyfriend’s car towed. Towing company wanted him to get something notarized. Problem was that he was in the middle of his shift. They did the entire notary process from his iPhone. I otherwise would have ended up paying $165 more for the weekend storage. Thank you for your awesome service.

Jennifer H.

Perfect Timing

My wife has an odd work shift and no one is open at 10 PM for us to go to for documents to be notarized. Thank you for your service.

Kirk C.

Great for from office Notaries

I needed to get a document notarized for my son’s passport application. Thanks for an awesome quicks service.

Shihang W.


You guys were fast and the entire process went smooth. Thank you.

Eun U.

Great Service!

Everything was great. The process was fast and I have no complaints. This was my first time using an online service and the experience was great.

J. Ake

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