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Legally Accepted in all 50 States. Costs only $19.95

1. Upload Your Document & Verify Your Identity

2. Connect to our certified eNotary Agent

3. eSign Your Document on a Video Call

4. Download Your Notarized Documents

Notarize Document Now Verify Past Notary

Now on Android, iPhone & iPad

Requirements: A Modern Web Browser | A Webcam/Phone Camera | Identity Proof. (Driver's License, Passport or State Issued ID)

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Available for Individuals and Businesses
Instantly Print or Email your Documents
Easy for Receiving Party to Verify

Secured Platform. Bank Grade Security
Independently Verifiable Documents
Accepted in all 50 States

Pay After we Notarize
PayPal Accepted.
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Accepted by Hundreds of Courts, Govt. Agencies & Businesses in the US

Our Technology is changing the Notary Process. Forever.

Light. Camera. Notarizations!

Back in 2012, the state of Virginia passed the first law that paved the way for companies like to be able to offer Electronic Notary Services. Now E-notary is accepted in all 50 States.

As long as you have a valid US ID Proof and a device with a camera, you can connect to us from anywhere in the world.

Accepted in All 50 States

Our Electronic Notaries are able to perform notarial acts on almost all of the documents that your traditional notary can do for you. Our Notarized documents are accepted in all 50-US States and are also accepted abroad. As long as you have a US SSN, to validate your identity, you can use our service.

Save Time & Money

Compared to time you spending printing your documents, going to a bank or a mailbox store, you can get your documents notarized.

We charge $19.95 per document signer, however, we do offer much-discounted prices when you need multiple documents notarized or connect to us multiple times a month.

Save time and money with our Electronic Notary Services.

How It Works?

Here is how we notarize your documents online:
  • Upload Your Documents & Verify Your Identity

    Upload your documents that need to be notarized. We accept over 200 document types formats. As part of strong and reliable security measures, our platform will also verify your identity.

  • Connect to our Notary Agent

    Once your identity is verified, you will connect to our agent via audio-video technology and eSign your document. You will need a valid ID (passport, Drivers License and/or State ID) during the Notary process.

  • Receive Your Notarized Documents

    Once documents are signed by you, our notary agent will apply his/her signature and Notary stamp to your document and email it back to you! You can forward or print and send your documents to your notary recipient.

Secured, Affordable & Innovative

Created to expedite archaic paperwork. Built with privacy in mind.
  • Bank Grade Security

    Here at, we built our platform keeping the safety and security of our customers and their documents in mind. All of your information and documents are fully encrypted throughout your notarization process.

  • Insured & Experienced Agents

    Our notary agents are with at least five years of experience. Our regular internal training team also ensures we are always up-to-date with current notarization laws across the US States.

  • Independent Verification Process

    After your documents are notarized, your document recipient can verify the validity of the notary process directly from our website. Without any hassle.

  • Business Notary Services

    If your business needs documents notarized on a regular basis internally or for your clients, we are a perfect solution for you. We can help you expedite your current process.

  • Print or Email your Documents

    Our notarized documents can be printed or emailed to your receiving parties within a matter of minutes. Each notarized document can also be independently verified.

  • Excellent Support

    We built our platform ground up. Our developers and engineers can assist you in case if someone needs extra help using our services.

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Melissa T.

The service was Simple. Fast. Effective. so glad I gave it a try.

Melissa T. Baltimore, MD
Craig A.

I needed to have some documents notarized as a matter of urgency and had a hard time getting such till a friend recommended this service to me. Fast response, professional and courteous staffs, I’ll definitely be sticking to this service.

Craig A. San Francisco, CA

When you have been in a situation where getting your documents notarized becomes so tough, getting your documents notarized from the comfort of your home is such a blessing.

Scott Scottsdale, AZ